Chef Tom will create an expansive dining experience right in your home, for your party of 6 or fewer. Tom and his assistant will slip into your kitchen, bringing his own pots, pans, tools, plates, wine glasses, flatware and of course, food and wine – everything he’ll need to prepare an extraordinary experience. All that’s needed from you, the host, is to relax and enjoy the evening. Share in the conversation, the unforgettable food and a glass of wine with your friends and family.

Your menu will be painstakingly planned, with all flavors considered and wine choices carefully made. Allergies and personal preferences are always accommodated.

Chef Tom’s pleasant and friendly personality will adjust to your party’s atmosphere. Want a chef who walks you through each course with style and humor? Chef Tom is happy to be the evening’s emcee. Prefer a quieter evening? Tom will melt into the background.

At the end of the evening, turn out the lights and retire – because your kitchen and dining area will be spotless.